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th köln international business studienverlaufsplan

Economics I. Mathematik. International comparisons and thematic reference to the international context. Operative and Strategic International Marketing, Global Strategy, International Business Development, International Risk Management, Global Business Logistics, Quantitative Methods, Cross Cultural Management and Global Economics. Managerial Microeconomics P 1 4 6 4.02. International Macroeconomics P 1 4 6 4.03. International Economics P 1 4 6 4.04. Our Career Service and our Part-Time Job Service ("Nebenjobservice") offer comprehensive counselling and specific information events on all aspects related to part-time jobs. Video interview with the program director. EMLYON Business School. Dieses Profil melden; Info. The Klett Group is a leading educational company in Europe and is represented internationally in 17 countries. CL International is committed to providing business analysis and product implementation services. While developing solution strategies for the most important questions of our time, researchers offer their professional expertise in interdisciplinary interaction. For instance, TH Köln is one of the pioneers in the field of development and formation of concepts for higher education didactics. The campus can also be reached with the TH Köln semester ticket. A Market Brief - according to UNCTAD/WTO/ITC specifications - is prepared in this course. Controlled claim settlements and reserve assets plus all … The International Business Department at Technische Hochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) on Academia.edu Technische Hochschule Köln – abbreviated as TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences – sees itself as a university of technology, arts, and sciences. an der H-BRS legen Sie den Grundstein für Ihre internationale Management-Karriere. Diese Prüfungsordnung tritt mit Wirkung vom 01.09.2019 in Kraft. Our subject range includes the fields of applied natural sciences, architecture and construction, information and communication, computer science, engineering, culture and society, and social sciences as well as business studies. In Leverkusen, you can find urban buzz and village-like tranquillity in close proximity. Further information on how to apply:https://www.th-koeln.de/internationalapplicants. Cross-Cultural Management: The course provides students with an understanding of cross-cultural management using a multidisciplinary perspective, enabling them to develop soft skills and competences to effectively conduct business with colleagues, business partners, and customers from different cultural backgrounds. Studienverlaufsplan zur Prüfungsordnung Berlin School of Economics and Law . Founded in 1971, Technische Hochschule Köln (Cologne University of Applied Sciences) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the metropolis of Köln (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants), North Rhine-Westphalia. International Management or International Marketing) to the study programs. Der Schwerpunkt dieses Studiengangs liegt auf den internationalen Aspekten der Wirtschaftswissenschaften. Änderungssatzung Join us at Heilbronn University for our English-taught Masters programmes: International Business & Intercultural Management or International Tourism Management. Vacancies: We are currently looking for a part-time interpreter for our Japan Office. Today, Cologne is Germany's fourth largest city with a population of just over one million and has evolved as an economic and cultural metropolis at the heart of Europe. Alongside their studies, students have many opportunities to demonstrate their social responsibility and commitment as well as to improve their knowledge. The programme concludes with a colloquium upon successful completion of the thesis. Its metropolitan vibe, diverse student scene and a cityscape abounding with cultural and historical treasures make Cologne one of Europe's prime university cities. TH International GmbH, Consulting and Support | 21 followers on LinkedIn. Mit dem englischsprachigen Bachelor-Studiengang International Business (B.Sc.) 4.01. Diese Satzung tritt zum 01.09.2012 in Kraft. Global Economics: In this context, students learn how to guide companies in planning and implementing internationalisation strategies. Dear students and all interested parties. Students are required to study abroad (during the third semester). Der Bachelor of Insurance Management (B.A.) TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences . The CBS International Business School has been part of the Stuttgart Klett Group since 2016. A public student services association called "Kölner Studierendenwerk" (KSTW) operates 88 student dorms offering roughly 4,800 rooms. The increasing influx of people can make the search for adequate accommodation quite difficult. Students may spend their semester abroad at any other accredited university outside of Germany, provided that the institution satisfies the IBMA curriculum and that costs are borne by the students. TH Köln. Aspects of Digitalisation: Students decide for a technical/practical project task related to digitalisation and solve it during the semester. Prüfungsordnung (PO5) City Type of institution Institution Advanced Search . Diese Prüfungsordnung tritt mit Wirkung vom 31.08.2022 außer Kraft. Home to the country's most influential television and radio stations, Cologne is unquestionably Germany's media capital and host to some of the continent's biggest trade fairs. Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (from SS 2020) 9 ECTS. The University of Applied Sciences Cologne has developed a didactically and technologically forward-looking training concept together with the Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln gGmbH, the Cologne Game Lab (TH Köln) and other partners. International Business Management Studium (B.A.) Operative and Strategic International Marketing: This module focuses on operative and strategic specifics of international marketing with the help of examples. Book personal appointment with me directly via www.Nikshala.com, Call will be via skype or WhatsApp. Dein Studium dauert sechs Semester und bildet dich so aus, dass du für Aufgaben in der Wirtschaft oder für ein weiterführendes Masterstudium gut gerüstet bist. As a community of faculty and students, we see ourselves as a learning organisation forging new paths. Bachelor's degrees in International Business teach students about international trade between companies worldwide. setzt den Schwerpunkt auf internationale Aspekte der Wirtschaftswissenschaften und wird nahezu komplett in englischer Sprache unterrichtet. Summen: 15 450 15 450 15 450 15 450 30 900 30 900 30 900 30 900 30 900 At the same time, they collaborate closely with local, national, and international cooperation partners, including 350 international institutions of higher education. 5 ECTS. Taking on a part-time job while studying has lots of benefits. Das Studium wird als Vollzeitstudium angeboten. Annually, about 6,000 students take up their studies at TH Köln. This is why we strongly recommend that you start looking for a place to live as soon as possible. Technische Hochschule Köln – abbreviated as TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences – sees itself as a university of technology, arts, and sciences. TH Köln’s campuses are located in Cologne, Gummersbach, and Leverkusen. Der Bachelor of Insurance Management (B.A.) The aim of the programme is to build on knowledge of business functions and organizations acquired at undergraduate level by looking at the complexity of business systems and developments in contemporary management thought and … Check out EMLYON's 12-month International MBA program. Das Studium vermittelt Methoden der internationalen Betriebswirtschaftslehre und vertieftes Wissen über Finanzmärkte, den internationalen Handel und die Globalisierung. Key icons. Research mainly focuses on future-related issues, including climate change, energy supply, health, and food safety as well as demographic changes. A limited number of exchange and cooperation arrangements with a tuition fee waiver at the foreign university are in place. 50968 Köln. The Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty) at the University of Cologne offers the CEMS Master's in International Management (CEMS MIM) as part of the 2-year MSc in International Management.A multi-faceted curriculum ensures a good balance between theoretical and experiential learning. Im Studium zum Bachelor of International Business Administration erwirbst du einen berufsqualifizierenden internationalen Abschluss. Completion of a university-level Bachelor of Arts or Science in international business (or in a related field, for example business administration or economics) with a minimum grade point average of "good" (2.5) in the German grading system or its equivalent. Best regards, The International Business Master Programme (IBMA) focuses on three areas of international competence - functional strategic competence, analysis of decision-making frameworks, and tools and methods competence - by means of the following courses: The first year comprises the following core modules: Cologne's economy is characterised by its amalgamation of different industries and trades. Jetzt zulassungsfrei in Köln, Mainz, Potsdam studieren Top Rankings & Jobchancen Erfolgsquote 94,8% International Business Management Studium (B.A.) Book personal appointment with me directly via www.Nikshala.com, Call will be via skype or WhatsApp. Please apply directly to the KSTW: https://www.kstw.de/wohnen. Please check the "How to Apply" section of the individual TH Köln programme websites for current application deadlines.http://www.th-koeln.de/programs. In the second year (third semester), students spend a mandatory semester abroad, where they select at least one course from the fields of Finance, Accounting, Business Ethics and Human Resource Management for credit toward their degree. Cologne's most convenient and economical housing option is often a student dormitory. Lara Hesse | Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland | International Business student (MA) at TH Köln | 86 Kontakte | Vollständiges Profil von Lara auf LinkedIn anzeigen und vernetzen Empirical analyses are made by SPSS. TH Köln can assist you in finding a job that suits your profile and interests. A train ride to Cologne, which is the largest city in the region, takes one hour and ten minutes and will be covered by the semester ticket, which is included in the semester fee. Additional courses for credit may be chosen from the fields of Regional Studies, Emerging Markets, Economic Geography and International Politics. Digital media offer enormous potential in education and training. but will help us tremendously to determine how we can improve the usability of our website. Angebote für Lehrkräfte & StuBo-Koordinatoren*innen, Akademie für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung, Informations- und Kommunikations- wissenschaften, Informations-, Medien- und Elektrotechnik, Referat für Internationale Angelegenheiten, Willkommen an der TH Köln für internationale Erstsemester, International Business (Bachelor of Science), Fakultät für Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften, Antrag auf Zulassung zur Abschlussarbeit (PO3 und PO4), Antrag auf Verlängerung der Abgabefrist (PO3 und PO4), Informationen zur Anmeldung und Anfertigung der Bachelorarbeit, Hinweise zu Prüfungen während des Mutterschutzes, Schwangere Studentinnen beachten bitte die. If you are a prospective international student, the way to apply is determined by your citizenship, your desired degree programme, and your previous academic qualifications. This course Kosten- und Business English I. Leistungsrechnung. An der TH Köln kannst du neben International Business auch die Studiengänge Architektur, Bauingenieurwesen, Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Elektrotechnik oder Fahrzeugtechnik studieren und dich um einen Studienplatz in einem dieser Studienfächer bewerben. Students choose two from the following three electives during the second semester: International Leadership and Corporate Governance, International Business Law or Knowledge Management. Prüfungsordnung vom 12.07.2019 Applicants must submit proof of language skills in a foreign language other than English and their mother tongue (or two languages other than English, if English is their mother tongue). Part-time and Executive MBA options also available. Due to the current situation, there may be changes in the individual course offers. This will only take a few minutes, Der Masterstudiengang International Management M.A. Business Administration; International Business; Accounting; Credits. Die Studienaufnahme … Course type Field of Study Subject Course Language Language Level German Language Level English Location . Gummersbach is a town with 50,000 inhabitants located 55 km east of Cologne, surrounded by a hilly landscape which is a recreational area for residents from Cologne and other cities nearby. International Risk Management: Introduction to the areas and methods of risk management and their application to business decision-making. Additional information / brochure. The Business School of the University of Cologne offers you first-class, comprehensive management development programmes at an easily accessible location right at the heart of Europe. The MSc in International Management is designed for business graduates looking to develop their analytical and problem-solving skills at an advanced level. we are re-designing our website and want to include you in the process. 5 ECTS. Close to one-fifth of its inhabitants have an international background. Anlage 1: Studienverlaufsplan . Business Administration; International Business; Further Information. Our innovative programmes focus on responsible development, so advance your knowledge of sustainable and socially responsible practices on your path to a global management position. Sc.) More than 80 degree programmes are offered as full-time programmes or, in some cases, as career-integrated or part-time programmes. UW-Whitewater and TH-Köln developed multiple collaborations in marketing, business development, project management, and communications. Theory In international business - UNCTAD Director, Center for International Business, School of Business Administration, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida. International Business Administration (B.A.) Introduction to International Business Law P 1 4 6 6.01. 25 . Imperial College Business School. Dozens of apartment hunters often compete for one single apartment. 1990’s, American Business Schools began to pay more attention to international business and integrated one or two “international” courses (e.g. Study for a full-time MBA in London. Please be aware that TH Köln does not allocate the rooms in these dorms. of home and host countries in inter-country business activity, which lead to business reactions. Students can earn some extra money and gain valuable professional experience, and they might even take a first step up on the career ladder. Global Business Logistics: The course focuses on global issues challenging today's supply chain management, defines concepts relevant to international business, and explores purchasing and supply management in an international environment. Being Germany's fourth largest city, Cologne is a highly attractive place to live. Bachelor ... International Business Accounting. Case study work with PC-supported applications of risk management tools are the core of this module. Quantitative Methods A P 1 4 6 6.02. ist ein achtsemestriger berufsbegleitender Studiengang, der gemeinsam von dem Institut für Versicherungswesen und der Deutschen Versicherungsakademie (DVA) in München getragen wird und mit dem Abschluss „Bachelor“ endet. Students attending international business schools learn about goods, services, management, finance, marketing, and the impact of national and international regulations on commerce and markets. Studienverlaufsplan zur Prüfungsordnung For the marketing and business development collaboration, graduate students worked in multicultural virtual teams for 8-10 weeks to conduct field research to determine the feasibility of importing specific products produced in developing countries. Der Bachelorstudiengang International Business (B. The role of business in conflict prevention, peacekeeping growth and prosperity. Request info / Application. Wenn Sie sich über diesen Studiengang mit verpflichtendem Auslandssemester informieren wollen, dann lesen Sie mehr auf den englischen Seiten des Studiengangs .

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